The major problem with the admissions and scholarship process is that most parents and students know very little about this process. We must face the fact that higher education is big business in America. A lot of money changes hands and a marvelous product is offered. Because of its high value and high cost, comparative shopping and careful decision making are essential.

Recipients or Purchasers

Most students and their families have grown up with the understanding that a college education is a privilege and they should be grateful for the opportunities it provides. But we must change our thinking. Parents, your son or daughter is a valuable commodity to a college. There should be competition among schools so students can make the choice that suits them best. Understand that parents and students are purchasers of higher education and that entitles them to shop around and look for the best education for the best possible price.

Difficulty in comparison shopping

At least 80 percent of the 4-year colleges and universities in the USA are actively seeking students. The others are overwhelmed with applicants – you know who many of them are – and they can be very selective about who they admit and how much financial aid they offer. But 8 out of 10 need students! Still, finding a match with the right school is no easy task. Searching online is a place to start but the amount of information to sift through is enormous!

Limited Horizons

Because of limited experience with colleges many families don’t know what’s out there. They know one or two major state schools in their region, some top private schools here and there, and the major schools featured on television. In between there are many outstanding locations for higher learning. Don’t restrict your vision.

No one to help

The high school guidance personnel are often given hundreds of students as their responsibility. Some receive attention because of negative behavior; some receive special attention for positive reasons but it is unusual for a Guidance Counselor to be able to help a student research and select a school, let alone prepare a professional profile for the student.

No way for a student to be presented

Students are not accustomed to marketing themselves. A letter of introduction or inquiry and an essay is the best many can do. Sending a professionally prepared profile to Admissions officers nationwide is not practical for most students.

We Provide the Solution

The secret of giving the student the very best chance of succeeding in this process is to open as many doors as possible while offering sound advice on how to navigate the complications. The more doors a student opens, the more doors he or she has a chance of making it through with the best results.

This strategy provides more choices that result in a school that the student wants to attend and eventually more bargaining power to obtain the very best financial aid offer possible. There is no better way to improve one’s chances. That is a law – the law of probabilities.

That is our task – expanded exposure with professional guidance and promotion in order to give the student the best choices possible.

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