For College Coaches

CPOA has been deemed compliant by the NCAA as a scouting service for Division I men’s and women’s basketball and football coaches. Our Services are free to all college coaches.

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For Parents & Athletes

Since 1986, CPOA has provided information on recruits to college coaches. Our service is deemed compliant by the NCAA. Be assured that using a service like CPOA in no way jeopardizes you eligibility! We wouldn’t have been in business for over 25 years serving college coaches if that were not the case!

The NCAA says, “A prospective student-athlete may allow a scouting service or agent to distribute personal information (e.g., high school academic and athletics records, physical statistics) to member institutions without jeopardizing his or her eligibility, provided the fee paid to such an agent is not based on placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of institutional financial aid.”