Approximately 2000 American colleges and universities offer athletic opportunities to student-athletes from the U.S.A and other countries. Due to lack of knowledge of the recruiting process and lack of exposure, thousands of superior athletes are overlooked every year.

The major problem is that most parents and students know very little about this process. They have heard about a few students who receive large scholarships to major universities, but they aren’t certain how it can happen for them. Most parents will want to do the very best for their sons and daughters of course, and some will even try to do it entirely on their own. Very few will succeed.

The student and his or her parents (both as purchasers of education and providers of talent) are amateurs in the business of college recruiting, while the college coaches and financial aid personnel (seekers of students and providers of education) are experienced professionals.

On this last point, we must face the fact that higher education is big business in America. A lot of money changes hands and a marvelous product is offered. Because of its high value and high cost, comparative shopping and careful decision making are essential.

The secret of giving the student the very best chance of succeeding in this process is to open as many doors as possible while offering sound advice on how to navigate the complications. The more doors a student opens, the more doors he or she has a chance of making it through with the best results.

This strategy provides more choices that result in a school that the student wants to attend and eventually more bargaining power to obtain the very best financial aid offer possible. There is no better way to improve one’s chances.

That is a law – the law of probabilities. That is our task – expanded exposure with professional guidance and promotion in order to give the student the best choices possible.