If you’re a high school student-athlete, you  may have aspirations of getting recruited to compete in your sport during college. Most college applicants are seeking some type of financial assistance to make this dream a reality.  In particular, an athletic scholarship!

When it comes to paying for college and choosing the right school for you, be realistic about what you can afford.

Families of high school students should make the discussion about how to pay for college a priority, before they apply to schools.

Determine what a reasonable budget is for your family and stick to it!

When considering your ideal college or university, include options that excite you, but also consider the practical side of your college choices. Write a list of limits based on your grades, financial situation and aspirations. Decide how much debt you are willing to amass and limit your choices accordingly. Including these factors does not mean you are shuttering your dreams. Rather, you are giving your dreams the chance to exist in reality after college!

Before you apply to a long list of schools and ask coaches for athletic scholarship, check the criteria you have set against each institution to see which fit, and which don’t. As an athlete, this means realistically evaluating the athletic level that the school is seeking.  The options that most closely fit all your criteria, both the passion-based and the practical parts, should be the ones to which you mostly strongly consider applying.

At CPOA, we advise students to have a short list of 5-8 schools that meet their practical needs, such as money or distance from home,  as well as 2-3 ‘reach’ schools that would require a miraculous scholarship in order to become practical.


College, like life, is about compromises.

It may take some work to uncover the correct balance of desire and practicality, but it is well worth the effort!

For any additional questions or concerns regarding this topic or others, we’d be more than happy to assist you!  Join the long list of thousands of college athletes who trusted CPOA since 1986.  Contact us today to find out how CPOA can help you reach your college dreams.

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