Have you ever wondered what friends or coaches are referring to when they mention “signing” with a school?  Or how about signing an NLI  (National Letter of Intent)?  Keep reading to find out!

A National Letter of Intent  is signed by a college-bound student-athlete when the he/she agrees to attend a Division I or II college or university for one academic year. The school agrees to give financial aid for one academic year to the student-athlete as long as the student-athlete is admitted to the school and is eligible for financial aid under NCAA rules. Other forms of financial aid do not guarantee the student-athlete financial aid.

The National Letter of Intent is voluntary and not required for a student-athlete to receive financial aid or participate in sports.

Signing an National Letter of Intent ends the recruiting process since participating schools are prohibited from recruiting student-athletes who have already signed letters with other participating schools.

A student-athlete who has signed a National Letter of Intent can request a release from his or her contract with the school (though they are not obligated to grant it!). If a student-athlete signs a National Letter of Intent with one school but attends a different school, he or she will lose one full year of eligibility and must complete a full academic year at their new school before being eligible to compete.

Before you sign, make sure you are certain of your decision!  It is a commitment to compete for the school.


When can student-athletes sign an NLI?

There are specific periods when a student-athlete can sign an NLI with a participating school.  See the dates for your sport.

Have more questions about the NLI and who can sign one?  Check out the FAQ page with common questions:


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