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What Parents Are Saying

I wanted to thank you for all the help they gave me the truth is that I would not have done it without you! Thank you very much for everything, for your time and support
Thank you!!
Bryan Gutierrez Ruiz
We have no words to express our appreciation for the high quality and professionalism demonstrated these past 2 years.
Thank you very very much!!!!!
Jorge Monagas
I would not miss the opportunity to thank you all your attentions are very efficient and attentive to your work, thank you for everything and it was very wise on our part to have contracted the service of college Prospects. Angelica Martini zechinelli Mom
Giovanni Martinez Martini
On behalf of my son and myself, I thank all the help and support you have shown us. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone with opportunity. Juan Francisco Llinás Serrano Dad
Francesc Llinas Ribot
I got the visa and you bought the ticket for August 14th! Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’ll be grateful to this program for the rest of my life.
Aliona Shichkova
Today my son’s dream has come true, he enters this August to a University in the USA with a Scholarship. It’s all teamwork, where College Prospects had much to do. I give a special thanks for their support and service. College Prospects of America is a fully professional and reliable company.
José Manuel Larrañaga
CPOA – I want to thank you for your support for my daughter who managed to finish his career in the USA. Thanks again CPOA, and rest assured that I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that was given to my daughter, and of course I always recommend your organization as the best choice for athletic scholarships in the USA.
Samantha Gutierrez Landa
4 years ago my son requested CPOALA services and obtained his football scholarship. Last month he finished his studies at Central Connecticut State University and graduated with honors. CPOALA was the company that helped and so I give many thanks.
Eduardo Alejandro Davila
“I want to say that I will be an enthusiastic promoter of the services provided by your organization that the experience I have had has been excellent.”
Ruben Mora
“It’s an organization that meets all that offers customer is willing to continuously improve and provide information at any time. It is very credible.
Ilana Milkez
Every time I’ve been asked I have given the best references – CPOA people are the best … because it is a reality.
Jorge Alfredo Roldan
We want to thank all the staff for their great help, responsibility and professionalism with which they have worked. We do not hesitate to recommend them among our partners and friends from other Venezuelan Associations.
Claudio Romano
It seems right and necessary to thank everyone for the help they gave me during the past nearly 10 months during my search for an education in the United States. Thank you always for you professionalism, humanity and good performance.. In two days I’m traveling to college, I feel so grateful.
Santiago Lucio
I write to thank you for the time and assistance CPOA provided me to find my scholarship. I got a 100% scholarship and have treated me very well.
Rocio Frausto
Only good things can be said about their program. Timely communication, the effectiveness of contacts, support, everything seemed fine. I reiterate that CPOA program, only good things we can say. Colombian tennis player mother.
Maria Camila Franco
We want to express our sincere gratitude for the support received from CPOA and all of your staff in achieving a scholarship at an American University for Kevin 100%.
Kevin Noriega
Today I want to thank you for the invaluable management carried out in my favor, represented in over 90 universities both Division 1 and 2 contacted me, giving me the opportunity to select an excellent university with high academic and sporting level.
Ana Lucia Martinez
First of all, I would like to thank CPOA for the excellent work they are doing for my daughter Romina. Frankly, the number of proposals that we have received has surprised us in a way that is unimaginable.
Romina Mrochen
Thank you for your cooperation not only today but for the time dedicated to Ana in the process to achieve a scholarship to play soccer and study in the United States. For her and for us, her family, it’s a dream come true. Please extend our eternal gratitude to College Prospects consultants who contributed to this achievement of my daughter. Ana’s mother.
Ana Maria Gonzalez
It’s all about marketing and credibility of having a third party present an athlete for consideration VS. the perceived self-serving or biases of an individual parent or family. The exposure the athlete receives is what makes it work.
Mr. G. Plummer, MN
There is no question in our minds that using your service really is the only way to go if you truly want to play sports in college. This opened doors to universities that we did not even know existed.
Mr. & Mrs. J. James, WA (Mr. James‘ father is Don James, legendary football coach at the University of Washington.)
I can’t thank you enough for following up with Will like you have! CPOA has helped open lots of doors to golf opportunities!! Yes, he has signed with Mars Hill University (…) Again, thank you for all you have done!.
Mother of Will Byrd – Golfer
Thank you for the diligent and persistent effort you provided Bo during the recruiting season. As a father, it is reassuring to know you had his best interest in mind throughout the process. Candidly, I can only imagine what the results might have been had we not made the commitment to College Prospects of America.
Mr. Steve Davis, Tulsa, OK (Former Oklahoma Univ. All-Amenca QB)
Rarely does a player sit out his senior year in high school and still get a scholarship offer. The fee that I paid was a great investment. For several hundred dollars, you helped my son get a scholarship worth over $40,000. Thanks again.
Mr. M. Musil, TX
Thank you for your personal attention and assistance… We were contacted by 20 different colleges in the D—1 and D—2 level. We really appreciated your advice and experience.
Mr. J. Fill, VA
I must admit, we worked very hard to avoid the initial meeting with your representative. We finally agreed to let him into our home for the obligatory interview followed by the bum’s rush. After ten short minutes, we were hooked. After viewing your company’s video and additional discussion; we were sold.
Mrs. Cathy Krupko, OH
Each young player believes he can, if the desire is there, go on to play college level ball. All that is needed is that bit of help from College Prospects of America.
Mr. E. S. Tumerlll. CO
If you ever have another family who isn’t sure if your offerings are too good to be true, I’d be flattered if you’d personally tell them to call me, collect!
Mr. K. Love. TX
I would strongly recommend any parent to make use of your services in order to give their child the very best chance.
Mr. C. Donald, United Kingdom (father of a former NCAA National Champion)
We liked how honest you were, how you never once promised US the ‘golden goose‘, but rather explained the recruitment process to us and what we needed to do to help the process. As you well know we did sign, and it was without a doubt the best decision we ever made. I have been a high school coach for five years now and have seen the recruiting process up close. I have now experienced it as a parent. I firmly believe that if it were not for CPOA’S efforts, my son would not have had as many choices and scholarship opportunities.
Mr. & Mrs. B. Hicks, IN
Athletic Placement Services. This business has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years. You can find everything from a free listing of your stats on an Internet site to one years personal guidance through the entire college application process for a $2,000 fee. lts not easy to separate the good and useful from the bad and exploitive, so if you’re thinking about hiring a company to help you navigate your way through the recruiting process, take your time to find a good one. That’s why reputable services like College Prospects of America are very careful not to make promises and not to take on young athletes who do not meet the academic and athletic requirements of colleges. College Prospects, which has been in business since 1986, does not take money from just anyone with a dream. College Prospects of America is an example of a respectable and successful agency. But if you’re thinking of using a marketing, recruiting or placement service beware: not all agencies are as thorough or as personal.
College Admissions for the High School Athlete A Step-by-Step Guide,
2nd Edition by Jack DiSalvo and Teresea Foy DiGeronimo, New York, 2001, pp 55-56
Just thought I’d share this video of Will at the AAC’s Swimming in Houston this weekend! He’s doing well and having a great time on the UCONN team. Thanks for all your help getting him there!
Sarah Kearsey, Mother of Athlete, United Kingdom
After much deliberation, Meghann has signed With New Mexico State University. This was a full ride offer. She had three other full ride offers and six other partial offers to consider. She was also recruited by an additional Six Canadian Universities. She was contacted in various means overall by about 75 colleges and universities. A few were for academics. The reason we state this is because we feel this kind of contact and networking would never have happened without CPOA! You were also right on the money with various side bar advice. We would most certainly like to flll out any performance survey you may have with only positive check marks.
The Percy Family, Ontario, Canada
Our son Celes Vilar graduated last May 6th from Queens University of Charlotte, NC. We want to personally thank all those who have made this happen and who with their effort, dedication and affection have helped to achieve this. Know all that you have in Spain, in the Canary Islands, your friends.
Parents of Celestino Vilar Soccer, Player from Spain
My son has committed to St John Fisher College for both football and Track. We ended up applying to 35 schools and were accepted by 28. We were able to use the offers from other schools to increase our final offer from St John Fisher to $15,500 per year. We applied to number of schools in order to get leverage. We were able to share 9 offers that were better than SJFC’s offer which allowed us to gain an additional $3000 per year from SJFC when we appealed.
Joe Jerkovich, Father of CPOA Client Men's Football Prospect
Just want to thank you and College Prospects for all the hard work you have done to make my dream a reality. Today I signed my letter of intent to play at the University of Northwestern at St. Paul. My family is just as excited as I am that I will be playing at the next level. Again thank you so much.
Michael Moore, Men's Basketball

What Coaches Are Saying (Due To NCAA Guidelines, We Can’t Mention The Coach’s Name)

The exposure your male and female athletes receive from College Prospects of America is invaluable. College recruiters trust and respect
the outstanding job CPOA has done in evaluating and marketing high school athletes.
An NCAA Division l-A Assistant Football Coach
Prospective student-athletes will have a greater opportunity to participate in college athletics and to earn athletic/academic scholarships if
they work with CPOA…
Fred Jacoby, Commissioner Emeritus, Southwest Conference
Collegiate recruiting is an exhausting, never-ending task as you know and College Prospects of America is clearly a valuable resource in
this essential aspect of a coach’s job.
An NCAA Division II, Head Men's & Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Coach
In four years, CPOA has helped me enroll four student-athletes at our college, one making All-American as a junior. Without your service,
I would not have been able to sign any of these woman athletes.
An NCAA Division ll Head Softball Coach
Each player that we are made aware of through your organization is a player that might otherwise have been overlooked.
An NCAA Division I Head Women's Soccer Coach
College Prospects of America has been an invaluable recruiting tool for me…
An NCAA Division I Head Tennis Coach
I have recently signed a great kid and a very good athlete with the help of your information. I just wanted to say thanks for the resource.
You are truly opening doors to college opportunities for young people.
Dominique Savage Head Volleyball Coach Central Methodist College (MO), N.A.l.A.
The success that has been bestowed upon me as a college coach has come from direct involvement with CPOA. I pay tremendous respect to CPOA.
An NCAA Division II Men's Head Golf Coach in Columbia, SC
You guys do an amazing job. I am very happy we can work together. Any student athlete with a 2.75 or higher centenary usually gives 10,000 academic scholarship and I would like players with a handicap of 0-13 for guys and 0-20 for women.
An NCAA Division III Head Golf Coach
I’ve heard very good things about your organization…
Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coach N.E. Junior College
I am the assistant golf coach at Al… University and I work closely with our international prospects. I am very familiar with CPOA from when I was a head coach at Ga….. University (I recruited one of CPOA’s former prospects, Diana Munoz from Ibague, Colombia, when I was coaching at Ga….. – she is a senior now and will graduate as one of the best golfers in their program history!).
An NCAA DIII Assistant Women's Golf Coach Al..... University