Right now there are hundreds of universities looking for student-athletes. Without taking a proactive approach, it is difficult for most colleges and universities to know that you even exist. And if only a few universities know you exist, it will be difficult for you to find the best option available.

To give yourself the best chance of finding the right option, universities will need to know about you early enough in the process to be able to consider you. In reality, the college recruiting process is a ‘window of opportunity’ that is constantly in the process of closing, until one day when it finally does.

The earlier and more doors a student opens, the more doors he or she has a chance of making it through with the best results. This strategy provides more choices that result in a school that the student wants to attend and eventually more bargaining power to obtain the very best financial aid or scholarship offer possible.

There is no better way to improve one’s chances, but the key is to start the process early. In some cases, as early as your 1st year of High School!